Srajan Garg

IIT Bombay

Now You Happy Always Maybe
Importance of sadness in life explained in a much needed and quirky way.
I miss the old Kanye
Vox does an amazing job at explaining Kanye's different musical styles and how he uses vocal elements throughout his songs.

Which of your friends would cover you if you ever commited a murder?
Find the answer in this intense short by Will Aime.

The first follower turns a lone nut into a leader
Learn valuable lessons in leadership from a raver at the Sasquatch Music Festival.

Knock knock! Get the door, it's R E L I G I O N
Extremely quick and engaging look into Japan and it's rich and diverse history.

Why dogs tilt their heads and why our brain's an evolutionary genius
Just watch it here and get your mind blown. Do checkout his other videos, which tend to be really informative.

High chair .. no no no Recliner! And wheelchair on half
Ordering pizza in a parallel universe! Rick & Morty manages to crack me up everytime.

And nothing can ever ruin this ...
Bad breakup? Feeling miserable? It's alright. Watch this and feel better.