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Hello there! I am a sophomore at IIT-B currently struggling to make my own webpage. I am in the esteemed (and very cool) CSE department . I am trying to do a minor in Electrical engineering too.
This page might seem kind of plain right now, but expect some really awesome stuff here in the future! Promise! ;)

What I have done

To be frank, nothing major so far. Dabbled a bit in sports like skating and horseriding but mostly focused on studying. That got me in IIT-B, at least. I did make a bluetooth controlled car with my team in XLR8 last year, though. Was fun! Here's a pic:

xlr8 team

What I do

Pretty normal life I have, I think. Nothing much to see in this section.

What I want to do

I myself don't yet know what I want to do. But for the sake of it, let's try listing some things:

  1. Increase my CPI :P
  2. Actually learn to code
  3. Make some awesome apps!
  4. Maybe, maybe, start a company
  5. Write fiction, someday...

That's all, folks! If you want to see more of me, follow my Facebook.

How to reach me

You might find me in my room at Hostel 8, IIT-Bombay. Else, contact me through one of the following:

E-mail 160050037@iitb.ac.in
Mobile 82913-39544
Whatsapp 89638-61849

Do try to contact me only for non-trivial matters. :P

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