Reaching IIT by Train

From CST or Dadar:
Catch a slow local towards Kalyan or Thane and get down at Kanjurmarg. From CST it is around one hour travel and from Dadar it is around 30 minitutes travel.

From Kalyan or Thane:
Catch a slow local towards CST and get down at Kanjurmarg. From Kalyan it is around one hour travel and from Thane it is 15 minitutes travel

From Kanjurmarg
At the ticket counter of Kanjurmarg, you can catch a auto to IIT. It will cost you atmost 25 rupees. Some drivers may ask you five rupees more than meter charge for coming inside the IIT.

Reaching IIT by Flight

Mumbai has two airports: Santa Cruz, the domestic airport, and Sahar, the international airport. Sahar is closer, say about 40 minutes by a taxi, and Santa Cruz, farther, a good 1 hr.

Official pre-paid taxi is avaliable at Sahar. This can be booked just after the Customs Hall, and just before you get out. Do not confuse this with booths of tour operators. The typical fare to IIT-Powai should not be more than Rs. 200, anytime of the day, with about 2 bags.

From Santa Cruz, there are auto-rickshaws and taxis. Taxi fares should be about Rs. 250 while auto-rickshaw fares, abour Rs. 150. There is usually a policeman outside, at each airport, who can help you.

Taxis and auto-rickshaws work on a meter which you should insist on (unless you are on an official pre-paid fare). The meter readings are in fictitious rupees and tens of paise. The rough conversion is Rs. 12 per fictitious rupee for autos, and Rs. 16 for taxis. Always get an estimate from the driver when you begin your journey, and insist on the meter.


Please report to the reception at (Old) Guest House facing the lake. Phone No. - (020) 2576 8940, (020) 2576 8946. If you are calling from an internal (IITB) phone, only the last four digits (8940, 8946) are required. Location - No. 35 in the attached map. It is also shown by a solid blue circle.

Due to paucity of accomodation, some of you will have to be accomodated in Staff Hostel. The keys to the staff hostel rooms are available at the guest house and booking information is maintained only at the guest house, so you will have to report to the guest house and then move to the staff hostel, which is be about half a k.m. further down the main road. Location - No. 12 in the attached map. The legend in the map says it is Hostel 12 but that's wrong --- it is staff hostel.

Campus Map

Use this map to get around the campus.