Venue : Seminar Hall, CSE Dept

Day 1 (26 March 2004, Friday)
9:00amDepartmental Welcome
9:45am Speaker: Ratul Mazumdar
Title: Disseminating Dynamic Data with QoS Gurantee in Wide Area Network: A Practical Control Theoretic Approach
10:10am Speaker: Viswanath Pulabaigari
Title: A fast and efficient nearest neighbor classifier with constant classification time.
10:35am Speaker: Ashish Tendulkar
Title: Clustering of protein structural fragments reveals modular building block approach of nature.
11:15am Industrial talk : Tata Infotech Ltd.
12:00 noon Speaker: Ajey Kumar
Title: Location Dependent Data Caching in Mobile Environment
12:25pm Speaker: Narottam Chand
Title: Energy Efficient Cache Invalidation for Mobile Clients
2:30pm Speaker: Siddhartha Tambat
Title: Characterizing the Phase Behaviour of SPEC CPU 2000 Benchmarks
2:55pm Speaker: R.Manimegalai
Title: MemMap-pd: Performance Driven Technology Mapping Algorithm for FPGAs with Embedded Memory Arrays
3:20pm Speaker: Alpana Dubey
Title: Extracting Grammar from Programs
4:00pm Industrial talk : IBM India Research Lab
4:45pm Speaker: Basant Kumar Dwivedi
Title: Estimation of Communication Overheads for Shared Memory Application Specific Multiprocessors
5:10pm Speaker: Anup Gangwar
Title: Evaluating Inter-cluster Communication in Clustered VLIW Architectures

Day 2 (27 March 2004, Saturday)
9:15am Speaker: Vijaya V Saradhi
Title: A Decomposition Method for Support Vector Clustering
9:40am Speaker: Jamshid Bagherzadeh
Title: A Multi-Agent Framework Based on Communication and Concurrency
10:05am Speaker: Sujatha R Upadhyaya
Title: Extracting Schema from Ontologies
10:45am Industrial talk : Infosys Technologies Ltd.
11:30am Speaker: Ch. Sobhan Babu
Title: Degree Conditions for Forests in Graphs
11:55am Speaker: Saketh Saurabh
Title: Efficient Fixed Parameter Tractable Algorithms for Undirected Feedback Vertex Set
12:20pm Speaker: Saju Jude Dominic
Title: The Random Buffer Tree
2:30pm Speaker: Sivaramakrishnan Sivasubramanian
Title: A Multiprocessor Scheduling Problem
2:55pm Speaker: Piyush P Kurur
Title: On the complexity of computing the Units group and Class group of a number
3:20pm Industrial talk : Cadence Design Systems
High Tea
Closing Ceremony

Day 3 (28 March 2004, Sunday)
Excursion to Elephenta caves