Ishan Tarunesh

Second Year Undergraduate, Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay


Hey there ! I am a sophomore student at IIT Bombay pursuing B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering. I am also pursuing a minor in Mathematics. Computer Science fascinates me a lot. From the advent of my undergraduate study I have grown interest in following fields.


  • Functional Programming
  • Programming Languages
  • Competitive Coding
  • Mathematics

I am currently a voluteer for the Web and Coding Club, IIT Bombay where I regularly contribute by helping in organising events for increasing awareness and culture of coding in the institure, writing wiki articles and working on open-source projects

I hail from the city Patna, which is located in Bihar. In my free time, I enjoy reading books especially English and Russian classics. I am also an avid player of Chess and Badminton.



Prof. Kavi Arya, IIT Bombay
  • Build a static site generator that converts text files into responsive websites using PLY(Python Lex and Yacc) and Pyparsing module of Python for parsing and tokenizing syntax grammars
  • Added abstract objects for useful constructs in HTML, thus serving as a high level language for HTML generation.
  • Github Repository

Game of Life Simulations

Prof. Amitabh Sanyal , IIT Bombay
  • Implemented the cellular automaton, Game of Life by Conway using Racket (Scheme)
  • Extended the simulation to hexagonal cells using abstraction and higher order functions
  • Added statistical visualization to the simulation for data analysis, racket/gui for interface
  • Added features like varying speed of simulation, mutable evolution rule, state modification in- between simulation
  • Github Repository

Game playing AI Agents

Web and Coding Club
  • Built a reinforcement learning agent to play game like MountainCar etc using neural networks
  • Implemented and benchmarked RL algorithms using openAI, gym and universe modules
  • Implemented monte carlo search tree method for ultimate tic tac toe
  • Github Repository

World Game

Web and Coding Club
  • Developed a single player version of the famous survival game in Racket(Scheme)
  • Implemented health bar, collectible resources, obstacles, enemies and power-ups
  • Added a gameplay and timer to trigger events in the arena
  • Github Repository

Giphy Bot

Yahoo Hack U
  • Built a chatbot for the competition that replies to the user in form of gifs using python and its web scrapping tools like urllib and BeautifulSoup
  • The bot filters the user message for keywords, queries on the internet for relevant gif and then displays it on an interface

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