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Ishwari Abhijit Patil

(M.Tech1 student at IIT BOMBAY)

About myself

Hi ! I am Ishwari Abhijit Patil. I am from Nasik, Maharashtra. I did my graduation from VNIT, Nagpur.( Click here to visit college website)

Courses(Sem 1)

Course Code Course Name
CS725 Foundation of Machine Learning
CS601 Algorithm and Complexity
CS631 Implementation Techniques for Relational Database Systems
CS618 Program Analysis
CS699(lab) Software Lab

Enough with the formal stuff!!!

Cool things about me

1. I sneak a peak into what makes people tick and freak them out with predictions about their life preferences based on minimal cues backed by my open inquiry into psychology

2.I can single handedly finish a chocolate ice cream brick.Chocolate is the key.

3.Going by overwhelming feedback I am an excellent critic , contact me if you need to drill some idea deep into. You would be faced by questions that would doubt your sheer existence :D

4.No matter who you are , no matter what you do, I will find you and outwalk you!!

If you still wanna contact me

Click on my name : Ishwari Patil.