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  • (24th July 2016) This is a updated demo page for the software lab html/css assignment.
  • (21st July 2016) It has been week since I came here @iitb, so far the experience has been ~nice. There were some problems with the allottment of the rooms as there are shortage of rooms in H1. I with one of my friend had been allocated some old which was not well maintained.
    Note to self: Always come early for the getting the room you want as it is FCFS
  • (15th July 2016) There is lot of greenery in the campus and it's raining a lot here in Mumbai.


Here is comprehensive list of classes I am planning to take.
Code Course Name Instructor
CS725 Foundations of Machine Learning Ganesh Ramakrishnan
CS699 Software Lab Prof. R. K. Joshi
CS747 Foundations of Intelligent and Learning Agents Prof. Shivaram Kalyanakrishnan
CS635 Information Retrieval & Mining for Hypertext & the Web Prof. Soumen Chakrabarti
CS621 Artificial Intelligence Prof. Sivakumar G.

Favourite Books

  1. Thinking Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman
  2. Rich Dad and Poor Dad - RobertT.Kiyosaki
  3. Art of Problem Solving - Paul Zeitz
  4. How to Study in College - Walter Pauk
  • PhD Comics - provides an amazing insight into graduate studies
    Here is a comic from the site.
  • XKCD- A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.
  • AoPS - Site related to competitive Math problem solving
  • Gustavo Duarte - must read blog to understand internals of the OS and Hardware related topics

About Me

I am Jagadeesha Kanihal, M.Tech student in CSE, IIT Bombay. If you want to personally contact me, I'll be in H1-79 or Sysad Lab @ 218-New CSE bulding, otherwise you can drop a mail at any of the mail ids given below
iitb mail - [MYFIRSTNAME]@cse.iitb.ac.in
Gmail - [MYFIRSTNAME].kan@gmail.com
Facebook- Jagadeesha.Kanihal
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