Jatin Arora


Fourth year undergrad
Computer Science & Engineering Dept at IIT Bombay
Incoming CMU CS PhD

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Research Interests

Broadly, I am interested in topics related to Programming Languages and Verification. I am excited about developing tools that reduce the mechanical component in programming and also increase reliability of developed software. But I am not at the stage where I want to define the scope of my work.

Currently, I am interning at MPI-SWS in Kaiserslautern. I am working with Prof. Rupak Majumdar on Partial Order Reduction based approaches to verifying Distributed Systems.

For my Bachelor's thesis, I was fortunate to be co-advised by Prof. Krishna and Prof. Supratik Chakraborty on Boolean Synthesis. We came up with a normal form, from which synthesis can be done in polynomial time and also developed a tool that compiles CNF to that form.

I interned at Uppsala University in 2018 under Prof. Parosh Abdulla and Prof. Faouzi Atig, where I developed a model checker for verifying programs under release acquire semantics.