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  • Research Interests Achievements
    • Secured All India Rank 168 in IIT-Joint Entrance Examination among about 400,000 candidates
    • Awarded Gold Medal in Orientation-Cum-Selection Camp for International Chemistry Olympiad for being amongst the top 36 students in Indian National Chemistry Olympiad
    • Awarded Certificate of Merit (top 1% nationwide) in National Standard Examination in Physics
    • Selected for Indian National Astronomy Olympiad 2009, Indian National Physics Olympiad 2010 and thrice for Indian National Mathematics Olympiad 2008, 2009 and 2010 after clearing the regional olympiads
    • Awarded Hindustan Pratibha Samman for securing State Rank 2 in All India Secondary School Exam
    • Secured All India Rank 39, 36, 20 for consecutive years in National Science Olympiad 2006, 2007 and 2008
    • Pursuing Minor degree in Statistics and Honors Degree in Computer Science & Engineering
    • CBSE Merit Scholarship for Professional Studies for securing All India Rank 300 (State Rank 29) in AIEEE
    • Science Olympiad Foundation Scholarship for securing All India Rank 9 in National Science Olympiad
    • National Talent Search Scholarship by National Council for Educational Research & Training for qualifying NTSE
    • Cash Scholarship worth Rs.36,000 by FIITJEE for securing All India Rank 18 in FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam
    Interests and Activities Experience
    Deutsche Corporate and Investment Banking Centre, Mumbai May - July 2013
    Mr. Adithya M R, VP
    • Created a database of over 100,000 asset-specific financial news articles over a period of last 5 years by mining websites of major news feed providers using Selenium, Scrapy and pyMongo packages in Python
    • Implemented Keyword & Named Entity Extractor, Domain Classifier, News Summarizer and Sentiment Scorer
    • Developed different trading strategies based on moving averages of news sentiment score and outperformed liquid and volatile underlyings (Google and Shell ) by more than 2.5% annualized returns with better Sharpe Ratios
    Edelweiss Capital, Mumbai December 2012
    Mr. Akash Agarwal, VP
    • Programmed scalable algorithm along with test scenarios using the in-house Java based algorithmic trading platform
    • Performed comprehensive testing of pre-trade Risk Management System for different segments and order types
    Technische Universitt, Braunschweig, Germany May - July 2012
    Prof. Sandor P. Fekete
    • Ported Wiselib, an algorithms library completely written in C++ for networked embedded devices to Arduino
    • Implemented all the basic Wiselib concepts - OS, timer, radio, debug, clock, UART to enable execution of Wiselib localization and routing algorithms without changing a single line of algorithm code

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