Department of Computer Science and Engineering
IIT Bombay

Kapil Khurana

M.Tech-CSE, IIT Bombay
Powai Area, Mumbai, Maharashtra (400026)

(Previously:B.Tech-CSE from I.E.T. Sitapur Road,Lucknow 226021)

Courses Registered

Foundation of ML, Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing, Algorithms and Complexity, Mathematics for Visual Computing.

Independent Coursework

Course Name University/Institute Grade/CPI/Percentage Date (Month/Year)
Introduction to 'C' NPTEL, IIT Kanpur 100 October/2015
Design & Analysis of Algorithms NPTEL, Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai 91 February/2016
Operations Research NPTEL, IIT Madras 96 March/2016
Introduction to Python Coursera, Michighan University Passed March/2016

Interests (Education and Others)

Reading, Coding, Listening Music.

Games and Sports

Carrom, Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Badminton.

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