About Me

Hi! Welcome to my first webpage! I am a sophomore of Computer Science Department in IIT Bombay.
I am pursuing minors in Statistics and Informatics.

I hail from Jaipur. I like watching thriller, suspense and drama movies.


My time table

Day/Time 8:30-9:30 9:30-10:30 10:30-11:30 11:30-12:30 2:00-3:30 3:30-5:00
Monday - CS-207 CS-251 EE-101 CS-293 CS-293
Tuesday EE-101 - CS-207 CS-251 CS-215 CS-213
Wednesday - SI-417 - - - -
Thursday CS-251 EE-101 - CS-207 CS-251 CS-251
Friday - SI-417 - - CS-215 CS-213

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E-mail : kgoyal at cse.iitb.ac.in

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