Hardware Software Co-design of Embedded Systems


Course No : CS XXX (3 0 0)




Course content

Specification and Models of Computation:  StateCharts, CSP, KPN

Mapping applications to Architectures: Cycle-based Simulation of Hardware and Software

Mapping Algorithms to hardware: Transform simple software programs into cycle-based hardware descriptions with equivalent behavior and vice versa

Components (for example): TI OMAP5, FPGAs, on chip networks, embedded real time OS.

Design Space Exploration: Performance Estimation, Execution Time Analysis and Performance Analysis, Transformation and Optimization Techniques

System Partitioning:  Hardware Software partitioning, Hardware-Software Interfaces



Two tests: 60%

Labs and Project: 30%

Term papers (2): 10%




Peter Marwedel: Embedded System Design. Springer, ISBN 978-94-007-0256-1, 2011.

Marilyn Wolf: Computers as Components. Academic Press, ISBN 978-0123884367, 2012.

Giovanni De Micheli, Rolf Ernst, and Wayne Wolf: Readings in Hardware/Software Co-Design. Morgan Kaufman, 2001.

We will also read seminal papers  in this area.