Krunal Parmar

CSE Department - IIT Bombay

About Me:

Hello everyone.

My name is Krunal Parmar. I'm an M.Tech first Year student, here at IITB in the computer science and Engineering Department.

I am also a system administrator at the Computer Center of IITB. So if you have some trouble, you can visit us at Computer Center. You can also send us a mail or call us directly during working hours. I have a lot of interest to work in the Computer Graphics field. Here's a report for an assignment we were assigned recently

Areas of Interest Hobbies
Internet of Things Watching Animes and movies
Network Security Playing Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball
Computer Graphics Learning new things

B.Tech Projects: MentorApp: An app to upload contact details of student/employee onto an android phone, and make it easy for the supervisor to contact them.

Routing and Simulation of a VLAN using RIPv2: A project to simulate the process of routing by making use of tools such as Packet Tracer and OMNet++ on a VLAN environment.

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