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I am Maitrey Gramopadhye, currently a student of computer science at IIT Bombay. Being an army child and having travelled throughout India,I don't consider myself to hail from a certain part of the country. having always been passionate towards technology in general I wish to give my two cents towards the research and development industry of India.

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  • Guitar
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Debating
  • Painting


List of courses taken

  1. cs251-software systems lab
  2. cs207-discrete structures
  3. cs215-data analysis and algorithms
  4. cs293-data structures and algorithms lab
  5. cs213-data structures and analysis
  6. ee101-introduction to electrical and electronic circuits
  7. ee221-digital electronics
  8. ph108-basics of electricity and magnetism
  9. me119-engineering graphics and drawing
  10. ma108-differential equations
  11. ma106-linear algebra
  12. ch117-chemistry lab
  13. bb101-biology
  14. cs154-programing paradigms lab
  15. cs152-abstractions and paradigms for programming
  16. ph107-quantum physics and applications
  17. ch107-physical chemistry
  18. ch105-organic and inorganic chemistry
  19. me113-workshop practice
  20. ma105-calculus
  21. cs101-computer programming and utilization
  22. ph117-physics lab
Time Table
Mon CS207 LC102CS251 CC103EE101 IC2CS293
Tue EE101 IC2CS207 LC102CS251 CC103CS215 CC103CS213 LC001
WedEE221 EEG101
ThuCS251 CC103EE101 IC2CS207 LC102CS251 SL2
FriEE221 EEG101CS215 EEG401CS213 LC001