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About Me

Hey! I'm Maitrey Gramopadhye. I'm a passionate tech enthusiast currently studying in my sophomore year at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India. I'm pursuing my Bachelor's degree in technology majoring in Computer Science and Engineering and a minor in Electrical Engineering. Some of the projects I have done are in the fields of robotics, image processing and AVR coding.

Being an army child I've travelled throughout India and have interacted with people from various backgrounds. I try to enjoy the experience of working in diverse fields and owing to that have been involved in a variety of clubs.

I am currently working in the IIT-Bombay Mars Rover team, which designs a prototype mars rover for participating in the University Rover Challenge,UTAH, USA. My specialised work in the team includes detecting the rover's destination, through sensor feeds, and optimising the rover's path.

My Interests

Computer Architecture, Compilers, Robotics, Parallel Computing, Embedded Systems, Backend Web Development

Some of my Achievements

Academically I've always excelled throughout school and have qualified various exams like JEE(Advanced and Mains), KVPY etc. Apart from academics I've participated in various activities. I have participated and won in many science exhibitions for which I've done many projects in my school. I represented my state in the National Science Exhibition held in Ahemdabad in the year 2011 and I stood second in the state level Exhibition that very year.
I've represented my school in the command level English debate competition in 2012 and stood first in the cluster level competition held that year. I have also been active in sports and was in the school basketball team.

My Hobbies

I love to play the guitar. It has been 5 years since I have been learning but still it seems like it is a long way ahead. Apart from that I love to play Basketball and have also completed a course for basketball (NSO) at IIT, Bombay. I have been an active debater in my school years and never shy away from opportunities of public speaking. I also have a fair amount of interest in sketching/painting and have been an active member of Rang, photography and fine arts club of IIT Bombay.

My Projects

IITB Mars Rover

I am currently working as part of the IITB Mars Rover team, in the Autonomous division. The team will be participating in the University Rover Challenge 2018, Utah, USA. My primary work so far has been to detect the destination of the rover, from a live feed from IP cameras, and finding its position.

Sort Bot

Built an autonomous car model that sorts table tennis balls based on their on their colour. Also displayed the project in the Tech and RnD exposition 2017, at IIT Bombay. Project Documentation can be found here.

Classroom Companion

Designed an interactive platform for professor student interaction. Features are personalised login for students and professors, signup facility for professors and IITB LDAP login for students, online quizzes, polls, feedbacks and queries. Project Documentation can be found here.

Contact Me

Address: Room 277, Hostel 2, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai
Phone: +91 8291475099, +91 8169815265 | E-Mail: maitreygramo12@gmail.com
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