Hi! I am meet kathiriya.


Currently, I am a second year undergraduate at IIT BOMBAY.

I am pursuing Major in Computer Science and
Minor in Electrical Engineering.

I am interested in Data structures,Analog and Digital circuits
and Discrete Mathematics.

My Hobbies


Touch The Screen

A device that adds touch functionality to any non-touchscreen display using infrared technology.we made a detachable frame which on connection with pc via arduino gives pc touch-screen behaviour.
for more information please visit our Github Documentation

CS 154 : Course Project

We made a multilevel Snake game using big-bang function of 2htdp/universe and htdp/images libraries in drracket.Game also had a multiplayer surviver mode which allowed two players to play simultaneously.


Sem 1 MA 105 PH 107 CS 101 CH 107 ME 113 PH 117 CH 105
Sem 2 MA 108 PH 108 CS 152 CS 154 CH 117 ME 119 BB 101
Sem 3 CS 207 CS 251 CS 293 CS 215 EE 101 EE 204 CS 213