CS 207: Autumn 2021 | Instructor: Manoj Prabhakaran

Offered Online

Discrete Structures

Flipped Classroom. Lecture videos will be regularly posted on Moodle. The students are expected to watch them and take a short Moodle quiz, within a few days of posting. They are also expected to solve practice problems from the textbook and from problem sheets that will be distributed (via Moodle). Tutorials and office hours will be offered by the TAs, and the students are encouraged to make use of these resources, especially if they find the problem sheets challenging. The schedule for these will be announced later.

Graded Work. The graded work includes in-semester quizzes conducted via Moodle, and an end-semester exam. There will be frequent short quizzes (which require little preparation beyond following the lecture) and 4 or 5 longer quizzes. The weightage for the different components will be announced later.

Teaching Assistants.

  • TBA

Tutorials. Schedule TBA. The tutorials will discuss problem sets based on the previous week's lectures. The problem sets will be posted on Moodle at the end of each week.

Lectures so far

Slides for the recorded lectures will be available below. The pre-recorded videos will be posted on Moodle. For the most part, we plan to follow the lectures recorded last year.