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About me

I am Nilay Pande,currently a sophomore at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. I joined IITB in 2016 and I am pursuing a Btech degree in Computer Science and Engineering(hopefully with honours). I am also pursuing a minor in Statistics.

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Hobbies and Interests

My favourite hobbies and past times include: Academically,I am interested in Machine Learning,Image processing,Artificial Intelligence and Data structures.

I am planning to take up extra courses in these topics.

My Philosophy

I have as such a very positive view towards life and humanity.Though the world is full of examples of selfish,corrupt people who commit unspeakable crimes,there is an equally positive side which is still gives hope to humanity.

Thats the side what inspires me and that is the side which I want to focus on.Every individual must try his/her best at making our world a more liveable place for the future generations.

Everyones philosophy is different in itself and cannot be explained by a specific school of thought.

My pilosophy has the following mixture of various schools of thought based on a recent test a I took:

School of thought
Percent contribution

Meanings of various schools of thought like Nihilism,Hedonism,etc may not be clear.
To know their meaning,visit dictionary.cambridge.org

What next?

Next immediate aim is just submission of this webpage.Hoping the TAs will be kind and generous while grading:p.

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