About Me

Cinque Terre

Hey! I am Nitish Joshi and am currently a sophomore at IIT Bombay pursuing my majors in Computer Science and Engineering along with a minor in Applied Statistics.

I am an extremely ambitious and hard working person. I am fascinated by the field of Artificial Intelligence and am aspiring to become a Computer Scientist. One of the life principles that I follow is the one given by Napoleon Hill: " If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way."

I come from the beautiful city of Pune located at about 150km south of Mumbai. I absolutely love hiking and you could easily find me on one of the hills nearby Pune. Apart from that, I am a huge foodie and have explored a plethora of cuisines till date.


Some of my interests are:

  1. Bird watching
  2. Photography
  3. Reading thrilling novels
  4. Matematics and problem-solving in general
  5. Reading interesting articles on Quora

Here are some of the bird pictures that I have clicked on my recent trip to Sattal-Pangot in Uttarakhand:

Brown Wood Owl

Himalayan Woodpecker


Key Courses

Here are some of the key courses that I have taken at IIT Bombay:

  1. Computer Science: Data Structure and Algorithms, Discrete Structures, Software Systems Lab, Data Analysis and Interpretation, Computer Programming and Utilization.
  2. Mathematics: Introduction to probability theory, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Calculus.
  3. Others: Quantum Physics and Applications, Biology, Electricity and Magnetism, Engineering Drawing

Time table

This is my time-table for Autumn Semester, 2017.

Time 8:30-9:30 9:30-10:30 10:30-11:30 11:30-12:30 2:00-3:30 3:30-5:00
Monday CS207 HS200 CS293
Tuesday HS200 CS207 CS251 CS215 CS213
Wednesday SI417
Thursday HS200 CS207 CS251
Friday SI417 CS215 CS213


Feel free to contact me for any suggestions or questions!