CS475 Assignment 1

Name: Pararth Shah
Roll no.: 09005009

Implemented all basic operations:

Additions to the code:

  1. PAUSE p (for BONUS marks!): pause for 10*p clock cycles of CPU used by the process
  2. ADDCOL r g b: increment current draw color (R,G,B) to (R+r,G+g,B+b) (used in the Rainbow, Color-whirl)
  3. MOV x y: move turtle to position (x,y) and set angle to 0

Original Programs:

1) The Infinite Cube (original-prog1.txt)

2) Rainbow (original-prog2.txt)

3) Color-whirl (original-prog3.txt)

4) Checkerboard (original-prog4.txt)


1) Hexagon Traveller (animation.txt)

Fractal: (for BONUS marks!)

1) Sierpinski Triangle (default when no file provided)