Pranav Rao

Computer Science Student - Third Year

About me

Hi guys! I am Pranav, a third year student from IIT Bombay. Currently, I'm pursuing majors in Computer Science. I am interested in Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Discrete Structures and Computational Complexity.I wish to pursue a career in research in one of these topics. If you are interested in knowing more about me, you can contact me or have a look at my resume


I worked on the topic of visual question answering this summer. This was my first exposure to deep learning, convolutional networks and natural language processing.I implemented the model I studied in one of the paper in tensorflow and tried replicating the results

I am really interest in robotics and automated machines. I was a part of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle team of IIT Bombay as a chief software designer. I learnt a great deal about acoustic signal processing, localization using kalman filters, image processing and PID controllers

I did a lot of projects like designing the AI for the game of GO, simulating networking protocols like spanning tree protocols and link layer packet forwarding, building a railway controller network on FPGA boards, coding in VHDL and so on