Hi! I'm Pranay


I'm Pranay and currently a second year undergraduate at Indian Institute of Technolgy, Bombay.

Currently, I'm pursuing majors in Computer Science and minors in Management.

Interests - Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Discrete Structures and Competitive Coding


Gesture-controlled Signal transmission

Designed a glove which recognizes hand gestures and converts them to PWM signals for yaw, pitch, raw and throttle

Used ATMega Microcontrollers (Arduino UNO & Nano) , gyroscope (MPU6050), flex sensor and I2C Protocol to establish the glove side interface and NRF24L01 module for signal transmission

Calibrated quadcopter using flight control board CC3D & OpenPilot software

Polynomial Graphical Calculator

Developed a polynomial engine in C++ that could perform all arithmetic operations on polynomials in additionto integration and differentiation

Implemented an algorithm to compute all the roots of a polynomial using the Newton Raphson Method

Designed a Graph Plotter for polynomials with appropriate scaling factors using simplecpp, a C++ versiondeveloped at IIT Bombay

Feed'er: Academic Assistant (in Progress)

Designing a personal academic assistant application for bridging the gap between faculty and students

Building a customized Android framework that would notify the user of all academic events

Planning to integrate the android app with a Django based web app for encouraging feedback for academic courses and also to design an intutive interface with previews and graphs to illustrate the feedback results

Movie Recommendation Engine

Developed a movie recommendation engine in Python using popular collaborative filtering techniques like cosine similarity and k-Nearest Neighbours

Provided movie recommendations to the user using similarities in rating pattern of user and critics

Space Simulation game

Simulated magnetism in 'Nether StarWars space' using Box2D