Hi! This is Pratik Sanjay Wagh

About Me.

I am a student currently studying in IIT Bombay in Computer Science Department. I am from Yavatmal, Maharashtra. I did my under-graduation from NIT Raipur in 2017. I have a varied type of interest. I love to explore new things, talk to new peoples, play sports, to jog, to code and lot more.

Courses Completed

  • Foundation of Machine Learning
  • Design and Engineering of Computing System
  • Implementation Technique for Relational Database System
  • Algorithm and Complexity
  • Software Lab

Current Courses

  • Embedded Systems
  • Mobile Computing
  • philosophy of Mind
  • Communication Skills

My Hobbies.

Some of my hobbies are

  • Reading Novels
  • Programming
  • Teaching
  • Anchoring
  • Sports

Contact Me.

Mon - Fri 09:00 – 18:00