CS 347m Operating Systems
Spring 2020-21

This is a collection of the instructions needed to setup the CS347m lab environment.

Ubuntu users
Windows/MAC users
Instructions for modifying VM Specifications for VirtualBox

In case you have any difficulty in installation process, please feel free to contact me on MS Teams (ID : 18d100014@iitb.ac.in). You can also email me at parthsangani@cse.iitb.ac.in.

Instructions for Ubuntu users

1. Install all the required packages

sudo apt update

sudo apt -y install build-essential gdb coreutils util-linux sysstat procps wget tar qemu

2. Clone and initialize xv6

Follow the Instructions below if you have Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 on your machine

wget https://www.cse.iitb.ac.in/~puru/courses/spring20/xv6/xv6-public.tar.gz

tar -xf xv6-public.tgz

cd xv6-public


Follow the Instructions below if you have Ubuntu 20.04 on your machine

wget https://www.cse.iitb.ac.in/~puru/courses/spring20/xv6/new-xv6-public.tar.gz

tar -xf new-xv6-public.tgz

cd xv6-public


3. Run xv6 to ensure everything has been setup correctly

Make sure you are inside the xv6-public directory

make qemu-nox

If the output ends with:

init:starting sh


You are done! xv6 is installed successfully. Exit QEMU with Ctrl+A, followed by X

Instructions for Windows/macOS users

1. Download Oracle VM VirtualBox from here. Skip this step if you have VirtualBox installed.

2. Download the VM image from here or here. The file size of the image is ~1.6GB. You will need to login using IITB ID to access the file.

3. Open Oracle VM VirtualBox. File -> Import Appliance

4. Choose the file downloaded in step 2

5. Click on Next

6. A window showing the Virtual System specifications will open. Click on Import

7. The VM will get loaded in a while. You can run the VM by pressing Start.

8. The window will ask for a password which is as follows -

  Username : cs347m

  Password : cs347mlabsetup

9. The VM is LUbuntu 18.04 which has the QEMU and xv6 source code loaded.

10. The desktop has a tarball xv6-public.tgz and a folder xv6-public. The tarball will be useful as you may be required to start from a fresh xv6 installation for different lab assignments.

11. Open the terminal using Ctrl + Alt + T.

12. Type in the following commands -

cd Desktop/xv6-public/

make clean


make qemu-nox

13. The terminal output should end with -

init:starting sh


14. Close the terminal by Ctrl+A, followed by X.

Steps to change the RAM and processor specifications of the VM

1. Click on Settings.

2. Go to System -> Motherboard tab. The Base Memory signifies the RAM which is set at 2048MB(2GB). You can change it according to your computer RAM size. (advisable to keep within the green portion on the slider)

3. Go to System -> Processor tab. The number of processors is currently set at 1. You can change it according to your PC specifications. (advisable to keep within the green portion on the slider)