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Rajat Rathi
Roll No. 160050015, Team eNRGy

Second Year UnderGraduate for B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering,

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

About Me

I am a man of many hobbies. From sports to music to gaming to watching movies to even coding, there is almost nothing that i don't have an interest in. I have extra enthusiasm for competitive coding. I am pursuing a B.Tech degree in Computers, as well as a Mathematics Minor, both being my favourite subjects. I am also trying my hand at TAship in the basic coding course, CS101. Not only am I a dedicated football fan, but also an avid manga reader. I love the colour orange :P . Inspite of all these traits, I am a natural introvert and tend to stay reclusive. There are tons of things I wish to experience and achieve.


  1. Anime
  2. A carousel of some of my favourite anime:

  3. Music
  4. Songs that I love:

  5. Sports
  6. I follow many sports, such as Football, Cricket, Badminton and Tennis. Professionally, I play Volleyball. There are many sportspersons that I regard as idols. Some of them are: Eden Hazard Football , Rafael Nadal Tennis , Virat Kohli Cricket .

My TimeTable

Time Slot Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30-9:25 - EE101 - CS251 -
9:30-10:25 CS207 - MA403 EE101 MA403
10:30-11:25 CS251 CS207 - - -
11:30-12:25 - CS251 - CS207 -
14:00-15:30 CS293 CS215 - CS251 CS215
15:30-17:00 CS293 CS213 - CS251 CS213
17:30-19:00 - - MA403 - EE101

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