CS601: Algorithms and Complexity (2021-22 Sem I)

Course Contents:

Algorithms: Basic principles like induction/recursion. Basic paradigms like Divide and Conquer, Dynamic Programming, Greedy Algorithms. Beyond the basics: Bipartite Matching, Network Flow. Reductions.

Complexity: Undecidability, Polynomial time and the Complexity classes NP, co-NP. NP-hardness and NP-completeness.

Randomization: Random variables, Linearity of expectation, Applications like approximate max-cut, quicksort, min-cut.

Course not recommended for students who have done or will do CS218/CS218m because of the large overlap.

Pre-requisites: Comfort with abstraction. Basic Run-time analysis, O-notation, Recursion. Basic probability and combinatorics. Basic data structures -- array, list, stack. Basic graph algorithms -- cycles, trees, depth-first search, breadth-first search. Take this Self Assessment Quiz to check your pre-requisites.




Slides for Lectures 1-10

Homework (Not for grading, Updated on Aug 30)

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Assigment 1 Solution

Greedy Algorithms and Dynamic Programming

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Midsem Week Sep 10-18 Midsem solutions

Bipartite Matching

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Randomized Algorithms

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Analysis for sampling without replacement

Assignment 2 Solution

Approximation Algorithms

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Quiz 9

NP, NP-completeness

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