RISC'16 Pics
RISC'16 Pics
RISC'16 Pics
RISC'16 Pics
RISC'16 Pics


Welcome to RISC 2016, the Research and Innovation Symposium for Computer scientists, organised by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay. RISC envisions to showcase the research carried out at the department to the Industry, governmental organizations, and reputed academic institutions, thereby creating opportunities for sharing of ideas, collaborative research with academia and industry, interaction with potential employers, and internship opportunities.

RISC 2016 will be held on Saturday, April 2, 2016 in the department at the Kanwal Rekhi ("cray-sit") building (opposite to Gulmohar building).


  • Researchers/experts from industry and well-established research labs
  • Start ups with a focus on research
  • Researchers from reputed academic institutions
  • Researchers from reputed government, and quasi-government institutions


  1. All Research Scholars who have completed their qualifier requirements are strongly encouraged to participate in the event (either as a Sprint Thesis Talk, or with a Poster, or both). Research Scholars who are in their final year (e.g., who are about to present their Pre-Synopsis Seminar or already given) are strongly encouraged to participate in the Sprint Thesis Talk as it would give them an opportunity to get screened by their possible employers.

  2. M.Tech. second/third year students are encouraged to participate. (Needs nomination from Faculty)

  3. B.Tech third/fourth year students (mainly who are doing R&D projects, BTP etc.) are encouraged to participate. (Needs nomination from Faculty)

Note: Number of participants from second and third category may be shortlisted if there are too many entries.


Sprint Thesis Talks:

A sprint thesis talk is similar to an elevator pitch. The candidate will need to explain his/her research in exactly three minutes. A good talk will be one which -

  • clearly expresses the final utility of one’s research,
  • is understandable by a general CS audience (It must therefore NOT include lot of field specific jargon), and
  • is entertaining and ignites curiosity in the audience.

The session will be conducted in two groups: Beginner (Early RS) and Advanced (Senior RS). There is no strict boundary between these two groups in terms of who should participate in each group. But, the general guideline is Beginner (Early RS): B.Tech., M.Tech., RS with <= 2 yrs, and Advanced (Senior RS): RS with > 2 yrs.

The competition will be carried in two stages: Prelims and Finals. Faculty Panel will choose 10 finalists from Prelims. Finalists will give a detailed presentation (now for 10 minutes) in front of eminent guests (from industry as well as reputed universities). The final winners (1 winner and 1 notable performance from each group) will receive attractive cash awards.

Poster sessions:

All research scholars who have published a paper are encouraged to present their work through a poster and, if possible, a demo. This will also be held as a competition and the winners will receive attractive cash awards.

tête-à-tête sessions:

Industry representatives as well faculty from reputed institutes may discuss with students individually regarding various opportunities in their company/lab/institute.

You can find the program schedule here.