I am a second year under-graduate student from IIT Bombay

Hello!, I am a second year under-graduate student pursuing Majors in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Bombay.
I come from a small green town in Odisha called Rourkela which is known for RSP(Rourkela steel plant) and NIT Rourkela.


Here are some of my academic achievements.

  • All India Rank in JEE(Advanced) - 50
  • All India Rank in KVPY - 79
  • Among top 38 in India in INChO

To see the full list of my scholastic achievements, have a look at my resume .

Here are some of the key courses that I have undertaken.

  • Data Analysis and Interpretation**
  • Data Structures and Algorithms**
  • Discrete Structures**
  • Abstractions and Paradigms in Computer Programming
  • Computer Programming and Utlization
  • Linear Algebra
** To be completed by Nov'2017

This is my timetable for this semester.


Time/Days 8:30 to 9:25 am 9:30 to 10:25 am 10:35 to 11:30 am 11:35 to 12:30 am 2:00 to 3:25 pm 3:30 to 4:55 pm
Monday CS 207 EE101 CS 293
Tuesday EE 101 CS 207 CS 215
Thursday EE 101 CS 207
Friday CS 215


I did a project this summer under ITSP.

We made an app which takes a picture of a music sheet and plays the music contained in it. This app is very crude for now, as in it doesn't use any comples algorithms like machine learning for analysing music sheets. So, it is very simple now. Have a look at the video to get a feel of what it looks like and what all happens in the process.

For further information regarding my projects, visit my github page or have a look at my Resume.

Contact Me

Address : Room No. 279, Hostel-2, Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Bombay, Powai, Mumbai-400076

E-mail id :

Phone : (+91) 8454950599