Rushikesh K. Joshi
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Powai, Mumbai-400076, India

Research Areas I work in Software Engineering, that part of it, which I wish to call Science and Engineering of Programs.  Specific Areas that I have explored so far: Software Architecture models,  Programming Abstractions, Program Calculi, Program Restructuring and Refactoring, Patterns, Process modeling, Process mining and evolution, Distributed Computing, Modeling and Ontology. Besides, I have several others interests including Computational Music and Languages.

Course offered this semester:

CS 757 Design and Reengineering of Object Oriented Programs

Recent papers (in 2018)
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Course running:
CS 718 Software Architecture  Jan-April 2019

Teaching Material from previous courses
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Old Project Pages, source code and Docs

List of Sponsored/Funded Projects advised
ARC Website Anonymous Remote Computing Project
ArcSharp  Anonymous Remote Computing with C#
PICS  A Purely Interconnected Component System
Filter Objects/Aspects/Concerns Filter Objects project
Constore Graph Database
Ox The Ox project on Object Identification from Procedural Programs

Ph.D. Students
Currently on Roll
  • Amita Sharma: Extracting inheritance Relation
  • Omkarendra Tiwari: Program restructuring
  • Vrinda Yadav (coguided with Chris Ling, Monash): Architecture Traceability, under IIT Bombay-Monash Academy
  • Renuka Sharma, under IIT Bombay-Monash Academy
  • Arvind Kiwelekar
  • Padmaja Joshi
  • Ahana Pradhan
  • Dharmendra Yadav
  • Pradeep Kumar Yemula (coguided with S.A. Khaparde, EE)
  • Ravi Gelli (coguided with S.A. Khaparde, EE)

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My Interest in Music

I also study music, and play musical instruments. 
You can listen to some of it here (home recorded)


Honorary Work