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Rushikesh K. Joshi
(Ph.D. IIT Madras)
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Powai, Mumbai-400076, India
Ph:+91-22-25767730,  Email:

...with IIT Bombay since 1997

Areas of Research

Software Architecture:

In addition,  worked on Indian Languages and Raga based Music:

Course Areas:

Software Architecture (mainly PG), Object Oriented Systems (PG+final year UG), Programming Languages (UG), Programming (UG, PG), Programming Paradigms (UG), Distributed Systems (UG), Operating Systems (UG).

Fresh Research Work

List of Publications       Area-wise List         Course Talks

Computer Program Art Gallery: A sample of pictures made using recursive programs in C++ using the FLTK Graphics tool
(for Programming Paradigms Course)


Teaching Pedagogy: Learn by doing, Ask Questions to your teacher, don't miss lectures, learn to create your own examples, feel free to explore.

Upcoming Course: CS 699 Software Lab (9 credits) for newly joining M.Tech students, Starting in July.

Teaching completed in year 2015-2016: 

Teachings in previous years (1998-):


Graduated Ph.D. scholars

  1. Padmaja Joshi (Area: Object oriented design quality, measurement, improvement, cohesion lattices, metrics)
  2. Arvind Kiwelekar (Area: Software Architecture Framework, Ontology-Cards, Architecture Extraction, SA Ontology)
  3. Pradeep Yemula (Co-supervised) (Area: Interoperability, Event Ontology, Event Architectures in Smart Grids)
  4. Dharmendra Yadav (Area: CCS based Formal Descriptions of Components and Interactions in Software  Architectures)

Registered Ph.D. scholars
  1. Ahana Pradhan (Area: Petri Net based Workflow Evolution: Consistency, Dynamic Migration, Change Regions, Algorithms)
  2. Ravi Gelli (Co-supervised) (Area: Process Ontology in Smart Grids)
  3. Omkarendra Tiwari (Area: Static Analysis for Modularity of Programs)
  4. Vrinda Yadav, at IITB-Monash Academy (Co-advising)  (Area: Architecture-centric Evolution)
  5. Bharat Muthukumar, at IITB-Monash Academy (Co-advising) (Area: Process Reconciliation from Logs)
  6. Amita Sharma (Area: Concept Lattice Theory for Software Design)

+ Advised about 70 Masters Project Students from 1998-

+ A few bright projects interns from other Indian Universities who worked on their projects.

Sponsored Projects
  • Automated Knowledge Level Software Engineering. (DST- India-Trento Collaboration Project)
  • A Service-Oriented Architecture for Anonymous Remote Computing (ARC) on Internet  (Microsoft)
  • Co-investigator in Center for Indian Language Technology (Phase 1) (MHRD)
  • Masters/Ph.D. level projects funded by agencies (TRDDC, TCS, Tata Infotec, IBM)
Industrial Courses
  • Several tailor-made courses for the software industry on software design, architecture and
  • programming areas. Notable among them are:
  • Design Patterns and Abstractions (Adobe Bangalore, Adobe Noida)
  • Advanced C++ (Adobe Bangalore, Adobe Noida)
  • UML (Origin)
  • OOAD (TCS Training Center, Thiruvananthapuram)
  • CORBA Architecture and Distributed Computing with Corba (Digitools, Patni, Tata Power)
  • OOP, C++ (CMC, Xilink)

Software Downloads

General Articles for Students

Present Editorship and Program Committees
  •   Associate Editor for Sadhana, Academy Proceedings in Engineering Sciences, published by the Indian Academy of Sciences.
  •   Innovations in Software Engineering Conference- ISEC 2017
Involvement with Curriculum Development, and Talks at engineering colleges

 Involved in curriculum development at a few universities and autonomous institutions.
 Also spoken at Teachers' workshops on topics in CSE curriculum at several colleges.

Tea, Music and Nature

There is always some place for a sip of Tea.. I also find time to enjoy listening to world music of different genres, Hindustani classical, Western Classical, Spanish Guitar, Jazz, Carnatic Classical, Sax, all types of folk, 80's pop (college days), Old Bollywood. I play the Sitar, enjoy playing many other instruments, and also occasionally experiment in the kitchen. Another thing that can keep you engrossed is wild flowers and bushes. The game of Chess has been another passion for me, every new game brings a fresh insight!