Rushikesh K. Joshi
Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Powai, Mumbai-400076, India

@iitb since 1997

Education and Affiliations

Ph.D. (IIT Madras), M.Tech. (Mysore), B.E. (Pune)

I've also spent time on long or short stays in the following institutes/companies:  National University of Singapore, Institute of Software Engineering- Trento University Italy, IBM Bangalore, IBM Pune, C-DAC Bangalore, IIT Dharwad. I have also worked with Larsen & Toubro; and carried out a research project at Central Water and Power Research Station Khadakwasla Pune in my early engineering days. 

My research has primarily been on the following Software Engineering and Programming Languages themes:
Object oriented programming, Software Architecture, Ontology, Patterns, Abstractions, Business Processes, Languages and features, Design and Analytics, Evolution, Modeling, Refactoring, Requirement specifications, Model building and Recovery, CCS and Petri Nets, Parallel and Distributed Computing. Besides, I'm also interested in computational aspects of Indian languages and Indian classical musicology.

Sources of Funding
Some of the research projects listed on these pages have been funded by the following institutions/organizations:
IBM, Microsoft, Infosys, TCS, TRDDC, Tata-Infotech, India-Trento DST project, Ministry of Information Technology. 

List of Publications

Course Scheduled (Jan-April 2020):
CS 152, CS 154 Abstractions and Paradigms of Programming (First year UG)

Courses Taught    some course material

Ph.D. Students
Currently on Roll
  • Amita Sharma: Extracting inheritance Relation
  • Omkarendra Tiwari: Program restructuring
  • Renuka Sharma, under IIT Bombay-Monash Academy
  • Arvind Kiwelekar
  • Padmaja Joshi
  • Ahana Pradhan
  • Dharmendra Yadav
  • Pradeep Kumar Yemula (coguided with S.A. Khaparde, EE)
  • Ravi Gelli (coguided with S.A. Khaparde, EE)
  • Vrinda Yadav (coguided with  Chris Ling)

My Interest in Music

I also study music, sing, and play several musical instruments- have a big collection at home! 
You can listen to some of them here (home recorded)

   Sitar    Harmonium   Flute   Keyboard

Honorary Positions

Old Project Pages, source code and Docs

List of Sponsored/Funded Projects advised
ARC Website Anonymous Remote Computing Project
ArcSharp  Anonymous Remote Computing with C#
PICS  A Purely Interconnected Component System
Filter Objects/Aspects/Concerns Filter Objects project
Constore Graph Database
Ox The Ox project on Object Identification from Procedural Programs

Misc. Articles
(archived, nothing new here!)