Rushikesh K. Joshi
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Powai, Mumbai-400076, India


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 Research Areas
Software Architecture
  Programming Abstractions
Program Restructuring
Process modeling, mining and evolution
Computational Music
Language and Ontology

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Software Architecture (2008,2009,2011-2015,2016 in both sems)
CS 101 Computer Programming and Utilization (2011)
CS 152 Abstractions & Programming Paradigms (2013)
CS 154 APP Lab
Object Oriented Systems (1998-2008)
One full course live video available with CDEEP
Distributed Systems (2002,2003)
CS 699 PG Software Systems Lab (2015, 2016)
CS 329 Principles of Programming Languages (2005-08)
CS389 PL  Lab 
Data Structures and Algorithms at IIT Dharwad (2017)
CS 347 Operating Systems (1998-2001,2003,2004)
CS 495 OS Lab
UG Software Systems Lab at IIT Dharwad (2017)
CS 347M Operating Systems for Minor (2009,2011,2012) Several Certificate courses for the Industry and Academia on
topics in OOP, OOAD, Distributed Computing etc.

Recent papers
 pdf Ahana Pradhan, R.K. Joshi, A Taxonomy of Consistency Models in Dynamic Migration of Business Processes,  IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, Volume 11 Issue 3, May-June 2018.

 pdf Ravikumar Gelli, S.A. Khaparde, R.K. Joshi, Integration of Process Model and CIM to Represent Events and Chronology in Power System ProcessesIEEE Systems Journal, Volume 12, Issue 1, March 2018.

List of Publications

Project Pages

List of Sponsored/Funded Projects advised

ARC Website: Design Documentation, papers, and free software from Anonymous Remote Computing Project

ArcSharp  Anonymous Remote Computing with C#

PICS  A Purely Interconnected Component System

Filter Objects/Aspects/Concerns   Filter Objects project

Constore The constore project on Graph Database

Ox The Ox project on Object Identification from Procedural Programs

Misc. Articles
 An article on Seminars
 An article on Presentations
 An article on Program Development
 A manual for ITRANS Encoding of Devnagari Script
 A tutorial on Lambda Calculus

 A talk on Research (with a focus on Software Engineering)
 A talk on Writing

Ph.D. Students
Currently on Roll
  • Amita Sharma: Extracting inheritance Relation
  • Omkarendra Tiwari: Program restructuring
  • Ahana Pradhan: Dynamic Workflow migration
  • Vrinda Yadav (coguided with Chris Ling, Monash): Architecture Traceability, under IIT Bombay-Monash University joint academy program
  • Arvind Kiwelekar
  • Padmaja Joshi
  • Dharmendra Yadav
  • Pradeep Kumar Yemula (coguided with S.A. Khaparde, EE)
  • Ravi Gelli (coguided with S.A. Khaparde, EE)

Real Music

I play musical instruments.  You can listen to some here: