The Anonymous Remote Computing Project

The project on  Anonymous Remote Computing paradigm is about an environment for parallel and
distributed computing on workstation clusters in presence of heterogeneity, failures and varying load. The focus is on separation of concerns, i.e. separation of system's concerns from programmer's concerns. A parallel program is written in an extended C supporting ARC function calls, which can have blocking or non-blocking semantics.  An ARC function call is executed by the ARC kernel on a remote machine without the involvement of the programmer. Processors can join or leave the system at any time and are employed by the kernel as and when required. The user can obtain a number called horse power factor (HPF) that indicates the current capacity of an anonymous machine. The HPF  normalizes the load and speed of machines. Source code of an ARC function is migrated and compiled in case of heterogeneous architectures.

Originally an ARC framework was written on a heterogeneous cluster consisting of RS6000s and Sun3s and Sun4s, and then on a Linux cluster.  Currently it's also available for C# over .NET platform.
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List of Students Who have contributed to this project, or are currently working on ARC:
Yamini Sharma, Kalpesh Kapoor, Satish Umale, Mauresh Phadke,  L. Aruna,
Vamsi Kalyan, Amit Soni, Satyashil Avadhare

Documentation on ARC Code and Download an ARC Implementation

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