Anonymous Remote Computing suite for C# over .NET

Under this project an Anonymous Remote Computing  suite is being designed and implemented for and over
C# on .NET platform. The salient features of the architecture are:
    A service oriented and layered architecture
    Support for HPF
    Handling fail-stop failures
    Object Mobility and retraction services
    Accessibility over Internet

A Paper presented at Software Design and Architecture (SoDA) Workshop, Jan 2004, Bangalore (postscript)
pdf version
slides (pdf)

Read Through a an Online Introduction to architecture of the higher layer

Latest version of ARC package developed using Visual Studio 2005 can be downloaded here. Few applications which demonstrate the framework capabilities of ARC are also available for download. The ARC package contains installation notes an well as documents which explains how to develop applications using ARC. (Developed by Vamsi and Harikrishnan)
ARC setup

Sample Applications.
Autonomous Agent
Messenger Agent
Controlled Agent
Disconnected Operations

A paper on above patterns in terms of Ambient Calculus (in MTCOORD 2007)

Students/Project Engineers: Vamsi Kalyan, Harikrishna, Vasudeva

more details on the ARC Project