CS 152 & CS 154
Abstractions and Paradigms for Programming
Spring 2022

Course starts March 21, 2022.

Time & Space

CS 152 Lectures 
Slot: 4  
Timings: Mon 11:35, Tue 8:30, Thu 9:30  
Venue: Online (see moodle course page for instructions)

CS 154 Lab 
Slot: L1 
Timing:  Monday 2 pm - 5 pm
Venue:  Online (see moodle course page for instructions)

Course Content

Review of the program development process,
Issues in program design,
Structured programming,
Data and control abstractions,
Programming with assertions.
Reasoning about programs and proving correctness of programs.
Ideas behind imperative,
                     object oriented and
                     logic programming paradigms such as
        pure functions,
        higher order functions,
        goal satisfaction,
Some of the ideas behind the implementation of the paradigms.

Course to be centered around problems and applications that demonstrate the main themes.


Harold Abelson, Gerald Jay Sussman and July Sussman,
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, 2nd edition, The MIT Press, 1996.

David A. Watt, Programming Language Concepts and Paradigms, Prentice-Hall, 1990.

Rajeev Sangal, Programming Paradigms in Lisp, McGraw Hill, 1991.

Useful Links

old link to 2014 course plan (for illustrative purpose)

you can download some of my earlier lecture material from here