CS 770 Process Engineering
Instructor: Rushikesh K. Joshi

PG course starting July 2022
Slot 13 (Mon 7, Fri 7)

(1) Business process Models in OMG’s BPMN ◦ business processes, tasks, gateways, pools, lanes, collaborations, public and private processes, choreographies, markers, conversations, ad-hoc models, activities, events, start/end/intermediate events, boundary events, event-driven models, exception paths,subprocesses.

(2) Formal Modeling and analytics Places and transitions, tokens and markings, classical Petri Nets, Extended petri nets, Colored petri nets, state spaces, reachability graphs, traces, properties of nets.

(3) Process Mining Traces and logs, process conformance, algorithms for process recovery

(4) Process Migration Business changes, long processes, migration of instances, change region, consistency, migration policies and algorithms.

(5) Process Patterns and Workflows Commonly found process patterns in workflows. Introduction to Workflow engines and execution of processes. The course will discuss the theoretical concepts of process engineering, and through practical relevant examples, emphasize their application to solving problems.

A representative list is given below:
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