Introductory Articles

An introduction is here.
A report on Distributed Filter Processes, May 2001. (ps). 

Papers on Patterns

Constructing Design Patterns with Transparent Filter Objects/Static Modeling Technique
Rushikesh K. Joshi, Modeling with Filter Objects in Distributed Systems,
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Engineering Distributed Objects, (EDO 2000), UC Davis, Nov 2-3 2000,
LNCS Vol. 1999, pp. 182-187, Springer-Verlag.
(ps preprint)

Dynamic Modeling Techniques/Patterns Using Filter Objects
Rushikesh K. Joshi,
Filter Configurations for Transparent Interactions in Distributed Object Systems,
Journal of Object Oriented Programming, Vol. 14, n. 2, June/July 2001, pp. 10-16.
(pdf preprint)

Implementation of Filter Objects for MICO, a CORBA Kernel

Amit Padalkar, Pranav Nabar, R. K. Joshi
Filter Objects for MICO
Proceedings of Distributed Objects And Applications, 2002 (DOA 2002)
in "On The Move to Meaningful Internet Systems 2002: CoopIS, DOA and ODBASE:",
LNCS 2519, pp. 531-548

Download enhancements to MICO version 2.3.4 here
(Code is provided as it is - installation requires that you are familier with MICO and its installation).
User Manual
Demo Programs

Dynamically Pluggable Filter Objects Implemented on AspectJ in Distributed Environment:

R. K. Joshi, Neeraj Agrawal,
AspectJ Implementation of Dynamically Pluggable Filter Objects in Distributed Environment,
Proceedings of 2nd German Workshop on Aspect-Oriented Software Development at University of Bonn,
Feb.21-22, 2002; in Technical Report no. IAI-TR-2002-1, University of Bonn, 2002.. ps

Code Related to this work:  client side filters    server side filters

Filtering for COM:

Sonal Bhagat, Rushikesh K.Joshi, Behavioral Contracts for COM Components,
In Proceedings of Information System Technology and its Applications (ISTA 2001),
Ed. Mikhail Godlevsky, Heinrich C. Mayr, Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI) - Proceedings,
Volume P-2, ISBN 3-88579-331-8, pp. 45-51, 2001

User Level Implementation of Filter Objects for MICO CORBA:

G. Srirami Reddy,  Rushikesh K. Joshi,
Filter Objects for Distributed Object Systems,
Journal of Object Oriented Programming, vl. 13, No. 9, January 2001, pages: 12-17.

Filter Objects for JAVA
R.K. Joshi, Maurren Mascarenhas, Yogesh Murarka,
Filter Objects for JAVA,  Software Practice and Experience,
Vol . 33, pp. 509-522

Filter Objects for C++
R. K. Joshi, N. Vivekananda, D. Janaki Ram,
Message Filters for Object Oriented Systems,
Software Practice and Experience, June 1997, Vol. 27, N.6, pp. 677-700.

A few presentations

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