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I am a Sophomore pursuing a major in Computer Science and Engineering at IITB.

I am also pursuing a minor in Applied Statistics and Informatics.

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  1. Competitive Coding
  2. Natural Language Processing
  3. Trying out new and different cuisines
  4. Sleeping!
  5. Binging on TV series
  6. Learning about the economics of the world
  7. Reading

Academic History

Exam Given Date Result
Standard 10, ICSE March 2014 98.2%
(3rd in India)
Standard 12, HSC March 2016 94.6%
IIT JEE May 2016 All India Rank 21
CS 101
Introduction to Programming
July, 2016-November, 2016 AP grade
CS 152
Abstractions and Paradigms of Programming
January, 2017-April, 2017 AP grade


Over the summer for my ITSP project, I worked on a software programme that would generate questions based on sentences provided as input, take the answers of the user, and grade them. This was a project in the field of Natural Language and Processing(NLP).
Created an AI for one-player chess, using the functional programming paradigm. It employed the minimax algorithm, with alpha-beta pruning for improved efficiency.
Created basic RSA encryption for upto 700 bits using CSS, as my CS101 course project.
Over the course of the past year I have been a part of the Mars Rover Team at IITB, which participates in the URC tournament every year. I have worked on the communication system for the rover.
I have been working on creating a web-based software for the ONGC Academy in Dehradun, to help with the training program that all Graduate Trainees recruited by them have to pass.

About Me

Hello, I am a Second Year Undergraduate Student who is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Technology, majoring in the Computer Science and Engineering Department of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Since I am also interested to a certain degree in the world of Economics, Finance and Statistics I have begun pursuing a minor in the Applied Statistics and Informatics department. I am also the convener of the Web and Coding CLub, IITB.

I am fascinated by the world of coding that I have only recently been exposed to and leave no opportunity to explore it further and learn about new developments in this ever-expanding world. I am on a journey to become the most fearsome of code warriors!

Contact Information

Sahil Shah

साहिल शाह
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