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Associate Professor,

Kanwal Rekhi Building,
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay,
Powai, Mumbai - 400 076. (India)

Phone: +91-22-2576 7981
Fax: +91-22-2572 0022

Email: sahoo [at]
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I am not taking any BE students for summer/winter or BE projects. Please do not send any emails to me regarding the same. I will not be able to respond to any emails in this regard.

  • Publications
  • Interest
    My broad area of research is computer networks. My current research includes
    • QoS in wireless networks
    • QoS based Routing
    • Traffic Engineering
    • Voice Routing
    • Wireless sensor networks

  • Thesis
    • Connection-Oriented Real-Time Communication in ATM Based Heterogeneous Network
      Advisor : Prof. Wei Zhao, Texas A & M University - College Station, Texas, December 1998.
  • CS 680 Quality of Service in Networks
  • CS 653 Mobile Computing
  • CS 641 Advanced Computer Networks
  • CS 414 Introduction to Wireless Networks
  • CS 348 Computer Networks
  • CS 296 Software Lab
Patents Applied
  • M. Sharma and A. Sahoo, "Opportunistic Channel Access Scheme for Cognitive Radio System Based on Residual White Space Distribution" - submitted to the Indian Patent Office, Application Number 2231/MUM/2010.
  • Chilukuri Shanti and A. Sahoo, "A Distributed Fault Tolerance for Wireless Sensor Networks with tree overlay" - submitted to the Indian Patent Office, Application Number 3403/MUM/2010.
  • Chilukuri Shanti and A. Sahoo, "Parent selection algorithms to Repair Faults for TDMA-based Wireless Sensor Networks with Tree Overlay" - submitted to the Indian Patent Office, Application Number 3400/MUM/2010.
  • Chilukuri Shanti and A. Sahoo, "TDMA based Reliable and Energy Efficient Method for Flooding Wireless Sensor Networks" - submitted to the Indian Patent Office, Application Number 352/MUM/2011.
Selected Professional Activities
    Sponsored Projects
  • Setting up a basic VoIP system lab and development of QoS enhancement to existing solutions - IRCC IIT Bombay
  • Open Source Innovation Center - Intel Corp. (along with Prof. Umesh Bellur and Prof. Deepak Phatak)
  • Establishment of a nationwide Quality of Service Network Testbed - Department of Information Technology, Govt. India (along with Prof. D. Manjunath)
  • PhD.
  • Current M.Tech Students
    • Ashutosh Patel
    • Omair Abdullah
    • Mayank Singhal
    • Aditya Gandhi

  • Past M.Tech Students who have significant contribution to my research
    • Anunay Tiwari
    • Kushal Kumaran
    • Mayank Mishra
    • Naval Bhandari
    • Aditya Mishra
    • Ashutosh Deo
    • Sarat Chandra
    • Prashant Baronia
    • Jeevan Chalke
    • Ankit Jindal
    • Pulkit Goyal


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