Welcome to my intro page!

   I'm Saket Bhojane, I've joined IITB in 2016, currently pursuing M.Tech in CSE here. I graduated from VNIT, Nagpur in 2014. I had an year of experience working in NVIDIA, I was a system software engineer there. We worked in a team to debug kernel bugs of NVIDIA's android Shield tablet and its newer versions.

  I'm amazed to get to live in the capital city of Mumbai! The Campus of IITB is green The professors are friendly here, helping and research minded. It's a great privilage to learn from them and work with them as an assistant in running their courses.


Courses I took in M.Tech

Course CodeCourse NameCredits
CS601 Algorithms and Complexity 6
CS699 SW Lab 8
CS747 Foundations of Intelligent and Learning Agents 6
CS725 Foundations of machine learning 6
CS621 Artificial Intelligence 6