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Computer Science and Engineering Department

Stop searching! The answer in 42

About Me:

The main thing about me is that I love tables. No, not the kind on which you put stuff but the kind in which you do. Yes data in tabular form drives me nuts. You might think the drives me nuts part was used figuratively but that is, unfortunately, not the case. My psychotic affinity for tables compels me to represent all data(yes all data) in tabular form even if it doesn't make any sense. For example, when a sane person would do this:

Things I like:

I would do this:

Things I like :)
Football Que sera sera
Gulab Jamun Rasgullas need not apply
Trekking Step by step
Indie Games Braid FTW

I am part of the CSE Department at IIT Bombay. Want to know more about my department? Well if you do, click here. If you already know enough about my department I want you to click here. I had no idea where that link took you I just hope it was someplace fun. Now this, I know exactly where this will take you. It takes you to the top of my page. It does that for two reasons:

There is nothing else of significance below I have an irrational fear of scroll buttons which I believe other visitors of this page may share

Avid readers would have noted that the aforementioned reasons were in a table rather than a list and also that I mispelled a word in this sentence.