Indian conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing (ICVGIP) 2000

Bangalore, India.

Session - Low Level Vision

M. Acharyya and M. K. Kundu
Efficient Rotation Invariant Feature Extraction for Texture Segmentation via Multiscale Wavelet Frames PDF

J. Mukherjee, R. Parthasarathi and S. Goyal
Retinex Computation: A Network Model PDF

S. Mukhopadhyay and B. Chanda
Local Contrast Enhancement of Grayscale Images Using Multiscale Morphology PDF

P. Kiran Kumar, S. Das and B. Yegnanarayana
One-Dimensional Processing for Edge Detection using Hilbert Transform PDF

R. Panda, L. Samantaray and B. N. Chatterji
Fast Recursive Algorithms for Efficient Multi-scale Edge Detection PDF

J. Mukherjee, R. Parthasarathi and S. Goyal
Color Interpolation using Markov Random Field Modeling PDF

K. M. Bhurchandi, P. M. Nawghare and A. K. Ray
An Analytical Approach for Sampling the RGB Color Space Considering Physiological Limitations of Human Vision and its Application for Color Image Analysis PDF

G. Stippel, I. Duskunovic, W. Philips, and I. Lemahieu
A Texture Based Adaptive Speckle Suppression Method for Ultrasound Images of the Neonatal Brain PDF

Session - Dynamic Scenes

S. Venkateswaran, A. Mohan, and U. B. Desai
Monochrome Video Segmentation PDF

V. Govindu
Consistency Models for Motion and Calibration Estimation PDF

R. S. Jadon, S. Chaudhury, K. K. Biswas and A. Shakil
A Fuzzy Theoretic Approach for Semantic Characterization of Video Sequences PDF

Session - Recognition

G. Jain, M. Agarwal, R. Choudhury and S. Chaudhury
Appearance based Generic Object Recognition PDF

S. Dutta Roy, S. Chaudhury, and S. Banerjee
Part-based Isolated 3-D Object Recognition through Next View Planning using Inner Camera Invariants PDF

J. Haddadnia and K. Faeze
Human Face Recognition Using Radial Basis Function Neural Network PDF

H. K. Dutt, A. Makhija, S. Chaudhury, and S. D.Joshi
Detecting Occluded Objects Using Independent Component Analysis PDF

A. Goswami and A. Mukherjee
Maximal Arc-Length Matching at Multiple Thresholds (MALT) for Variational Shape Recognition PDF

Session - Image Characterisation

S. Sethu Selvi and A. Makur
Variable Dimension Vector Quantization Based Image Watermarking PDF

A.Chakrabarti, A. Jain, and A. K. Ray
A Novel Algorithm to Generate the Cover Map of a Remotely Sensed Image for GIS Applications PDF

C. Bhattacharya
Performance Evaluation of A Superresolution Algorithm for Image Restoration PDF

R. Kumar
A Grey-level Image Corner Detector using a Modular Neural Network PDF

A.Senthil Kumar, S. Chowdhury and K. L. Majumder
Schemes for Integrating Multiple Neural Networks for Multispectral Data Classification PDF

S. Jain
Digital Watermarking Techniques: A Case Study in Finger Prints & Faces PDF

Session - Tracking

S. Pal and P. K. Biswas
Modified Hausdorff Distanc Transform Technique for Video Tracking PDF

P. K. Mishra, P. K. Biswas
Intelligent Target Detection & Tracking of Moving Targets from Real Time Video Sequences PDF

J. Majumdar and Y. Dilip
Image Registration and Target Tracking PDF

B. Acharya, J. Mukherjee, A. K. Majumdar
An Object Tracking Algorithm For Echocardiogram Images PDF

S. Shah and P. S. Sastry
Object Tracking Using Motion Direction Detection PDF

P. Laskov and C. Kambhamettu
Tracking Non-Rigid Objects using Functional Distance Metric PDF

Session - Document Image Analysis

S. Madhvanath and V. Govindaraju
Score Aggregation from Multiple Sources and Training in the Context of Lexicon Reduction using Holistic Features PDF

P. Gupta, N. Vohra, S. Chaudhury and S. D. Joshi
Wavelet Based Page Segmentation PDF

S. Chaudhury, G. Harit, S. Madnani, and R. B. Shet
Identification of Scripts of Indian Languages by Combining Trainable Classifiers PDF

Session -- Graphics and Applications

S. Gopalsamy, J. Gu and H. C. Shen
A Camera Based Interactive System for Human Body Modeling PDF

N. Adabala and S. Manohar
Spacetime Raytracing for Visualization of Gaseous Volumes Modeled by Particle Systems PDF

A. Pednekar and I. A. Kakadiaris
Applications of Virtual Reality In Surgery PDF

N. Jain, S. Bansal and S. Kapoor
Efficient Object BSP Trees PDF

A. Kapoor, U. K. Goyal, and P. Kalra
Modeling Co-articulation in Text-to-Audio Visual Speech PDF

S. Chandran, A. K. Gupta and A. Patgawkar
A Fast Algorithm to Display Octrees PDF

S. Chatterjee, S. Banerjee, K. K. Biswas
View Morphing based Facial Video Compression PDF

S. Chandran, Y. Kulkarni, and P. Nath
On Transformations For Animation PDF

Session - Pattern Recognition and Applications

M. S. Dinesh, K. C. Gowda, and P. Nagabhushan
Fuzzy-Symbolic Analysis of MR Brain Images PDF

C.V. Jawahar, P. J. Narayanan, and S. Rakshit
A Flexible Scheme for Representation, Matching and Retrieval of Images PDF

S. Kulkarni and B. Srinivasan
A Complete and Efficient Low-Dimensional Model for Content-Based Image RetrievalPDF

L. Rangarajan and P. Nagabhushan
A New Method for Pattern Classification through Dimensionality Reduction Based on Regression Analysis PDF

Session - Depth

A. N. Rajagopalan, S. Chaudhuri and R. Chellappa
Error Bounds in Depth from Defocus PDF

A. K. Roy Chowdhury and R. Chellappa
Fusing Multiple Two Frame Depth Estimates for 3D Reconstruction with Unknown Noise Distribution PDF

M. Agarwal, D. Harwood, R. Duraiswami, L. Davis, and Paul Luther
Three Dimensional Ultrastructure from Transmission Electron Microscope Tilt Series PDF

F. Schaffalitzky
Direct Solution of Modulus Constraints PDF

D. Rajan and S. Chaudhuri
Simultaneous Estimation of Super-resolved Depth and Image from Low Resolution Defocused Observations PDF

C. V. Jawahar and P. J. Narayanan
Feature Integration and Selection for Pixel Correspondence PDF

R. Balasubramanian, S. Das, and K. Swaminathan
Simulation studies for the performance analysis of reconstruction of a line using stereoscopic projection PDF

Session - Compression

R.Udupa, V. D. Pandit, and T. A. Faruquie
An Efficient Decoding Algorithm for WFA PDF

R. K. Bhattar, K. R. Ramakrishnan, and K. S. Dasgupta
Strip Based Embedded Coding of Wavelet Coefficients for Large Images PDF

N. J. Mitra, P. K. Biswas, and T. Acharya
Modified Embedded Zerotree Scheme for Efficient Coding of Discrete Wavelet Coded Frames PDF

P. Frai, E. Ageenko, S. Kukkonen, H. Kalviainen
On the use of Hough transform for context-based image compression in hybrid raster/vector applications PDF

V. T. Mani, A. Shah, G. C. Reddy
A Fast Block Motion Estmation Algorithm Based on Motion Adaptive Partitioning PDF

Session - Systems and Applications

M. Hanumandlu, D. Jha, and R. Sharma
Segmentation of Satellite Images by Modified Mountain Clustering PDF

V. Haldar, G. Vardhan, A. Saxena, S. Banerjee and M. Balakrishnan
Design of Embedded Systems for Real-Time Vision PDF

D. K. Pai
Multi-modal Modeling with the UBC Active Measurement Facility PDF