Picture of Sharat
This is how I looked sometime ago.
Sharat Chandran, currently designated as Institute Chair Professor, holds a doctorate (1989) in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, and an undergraduate degree (1984) in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. He has held academic or engineering appointments at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay; University of Maryland, College Park (USA); Stanford University (USA), Oracle Corporation (USA), NTT (Japan), and Schlumberger (USA).

Prof. Sharat's current research interests are in computer graphics and vision, and in high performance computation. In these fields he has made noteworthy contributions in the form of archival journal articles and peer reviewed conference publications. About 40 students have graduated at the Masters level or higher under his supervision; a similar number of students have graduated with an undergraduate "honors" degree. 11 research scholars (doctoral students) have graduated under his supervision.