Subset of External Projects Undertaken

Project Title Sponsoring Agency Duration
Algorithms for Histopathology Image Analysis Sun Pharma 2014-2018
National Programme on Perception Engineering Ministry of Information Technology 2008-2017
Indian Digital Heritage Dept. of Science and Technology 2008-
Non-Rigid Deformation Indo-Swiss (DST) 2008-2011
Animated Avatars Ministry of Human Resources, 2003-2004
Stereo Image Processing Nippon Telephone and Telegraph 1992-1996
Image Processing For Textile JISL 1996-1997
Deformable Cloth Modeling AICTE 1997-2000
Three Dimensional Image Skeletonization BRNS 1997-2000
Three Dimensional Volume Rotation Hitachi/Bluestar, Seepz 1996
Apple Academy Apple, USA 1996-1998