About me

A bit of social, a byte of introvert with a lot of space empty

Well that's indeed me.. Hi, I am Sharvik, an undergraduate student at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay pursuing majors in Computer Science and Engineering. I come from Bhopal, the most beautiful and peaceful city I ve been to (well ve seen quiet a number of places;) . I love reading, solving problems ( mostly mathematical;) and playing computer games, FIFA being my present favourite. The most intriging thing to me is the presence of life and existence of this insanely awesome creature... yup that's you & me.

Things I Can Do

Well, you are mostly going to find me working on some course assignment or preparing for the next day's quiz (the courses are heavy here :| but if that's not what I am doing right now then surely it's one of these things

  • Write all the code
  • Read books and stuff
  • Observe nature
  • Listen music and whistle
  • Sketch

My Recent Projects

Art Gallery Problem

The project involved finding the position of minimum cameras that can completely guard the gallery given its layout as polygon. To approximate the solution of problem(considered NP-hard ), implemented Fisk’s algorithm using the concepts of monotone-polygons, polygonal triangulation and three-coloring probelem in Racket language.


An Android application which acts as a platform for a user to stay updated about the different activities/events happening near him/her. The user tells the app about his interests and based on them will get feeds about the events happening. Also there is a group-chat interface where users with same interest can interact and discuss

A Few Accomplishments

Representing my Country

Possibily one of the most memorible day of my life was getting silver medal for India in Interntional Chemistry Oympiad, 2016.

Part of this awesome community

Its amazing and an altogethor different experience when you get a chance to interact with the best brains of the country all at one place.. I am talking about my present institute IIT,Bombay. The community here is so different,creative,motivational that being a part of it is itself a big achievment for me.

Contact Me

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or drop a mail at sharvik250298@gmail.com