CS 747: Course Project Proposal

You will undertake a research project as a part of this course. Your first task is to prepare a proposal that describes your plans for the project.

You will have about a month to work on your project after the submission of the proposal. The proposal is worth 5 marks (and the project 15 marks). Indeed it is expected that a significant portion of your reading, thinking, and planning will be done by the time of proposal submission. The proposal should guide the steps you take while executing the project. Of course, while actually working on the project, you might encounter surprises that make the plan untenable or less relevant. If so, it is perfectly fine to replan and change direction. What is not acceptable is to start out with poor planning.

The proposal is to be at most 2 pages long (including references). As a first order of business, make sure it lists the names and roll numbers of all the members of your team. A team size of 2 is advised, although 1 and 3 are also permitted. Make sure that at least one team member uploads the proposal to Moodle by the submission deadline. If we receive multiple submissions from the same team, we will pick any one of the submissions for evaluation.

Your proposal must present a clear description of the problem you intend to tackle, highlight the novelty of the proposed work, provide specific details of the investigations you will undertake (such as implementing algorithms A, B, and C and measuring quantities X, Y, and Z), describe expected outcomes and their significance. Reference related work to present the overall context of your investigation, and to pinpoint the novelty of your proposed approach. Don't hesitate to provide any additional information that is relevant to your project. Check language and spelling: both content and presentation will be taken into account for evaluation.

Submit your proposal to Moodle as a single pdf file by 11.55 p.m., Tuesday, October 17. Your submission will not be evaluated (and will be given a score of zero) if it is not received by the deadline. You cannot change teams after submitting the proposal. If you are not listed as a team member in any of the proposals received by the deadline, you will not be allowed to make a submission for the course project.