Shravani Joshi

About me:

Highly Benedictted <3
Avid reader, loves music.

Jeevan mein ek sitara tha,
mana, wo behad pyara tha,
wah doob gaya toh doob gaya
amber ke aanan ko dekho
kitne iske taare toote
kitne iske pyare chhoote
jo chhoot gaye phir kahan mile,
par bolo toote taron par
kab amber shok manata hai
Jo beet gayi so baat gayi

Long/Short walks

Enjoy reading fiction, mystery, science fiction, poetry and philosophy. Prefer only happy endings though :P

Love singing. Do not prefer fast-paced songs, rather enjoy songs with meaningful lyrics and good music. Enjoy instrumental classical too!
Would love to learn to play flute and harmonium.

Enjoy lone walks especially in the evening or night. Thats my "me" time.

Know swimming. Just needed a fourth hobby :P


Degree University   Year of Passing
SSC   Maharashtra State Board             2010
HSC   Maharashtra State Board             2012
BE   University of Mumbai             2016
M. Tech         IIT Bombay             2019