DDP project topics

1. Indic Computing Platform

       Over the last decade many key issues have been identified
  and various solutions proposed for truly multi-lingual (in particular- Indian Languages)
  computing. These range from user interfaces (input, output methods), authoring tools, 
  localization of applications, speech technologies and machine translation.
  This project will, in addition to extending the state-of-the-art technical solutions
  in some of these areas, will also integrate them into a Knoppix-like live-CD distribution
  customized for use in various domains (in particular- Indian schools and colleges).
    One starting point is http://www.indlinux.org/

  This project will be sponsored by OSSRC (http://www.ossrc.org.in/)

2. Termination Orderings

         Proving termination of programs and proofs are very important in
   many domains. From purely syntactic approaches using "simplification orderings"
   to more context and semantics aware "dependency pair" 
   various methods are being developed. This project will explore how to
   extend these ideas to show termination of inductive proofs.
      One starting point is http://rewriting.loria.fr/