Pro Engineer Information Page

How to access ProE from NSL
  1. ProE is installed on photon-01, photon-03, photon-04, photon-05 and photon-11 on the Windows Operating System
  2. Reboot the machines in Windows
  3. login: guest  password: nsl2k
  4. Open the command prompt using the Run option from the Start Menu
  5. Type in proe2001 at the command prompt and press Enter key
Useful Links
  1. ProE Parts tutorial : The goal of this tutorial is to familiarize you with creating parts, assembling parts, constructing motion-runs of all sorts, creating mpeg-movies of animated assemblies, and creating shop-ready design schematics. 
  2. Comprehensive ProE tutorial : Tutorial for Computer Aided Design & Engineering from North Western University.
  3. A Begineer's Guide to ProE : 32 page pdf document 
  4. ProE wildfire : Official Website of PTC and Pro/Engineer products.
  5. Self paced learning on the web : 10 useful tutorials
  6. FroTime ProEngineer Tutorials : Tutorials on Advanced Assembly, Basic Detailing, Basic Modelling, Mechanica, etc. with sample files.
 Some More Links
  1. ProE hints from University of Minnesota
  2. Introduction to ProEngineering
  3. Knowledge Base, Resources, Wish List for ProE
  4. Some more Tutorilas : Includes use of lego pieces and animations in ProE
  5. Pro/ENGINEER* Tutorial Home Page
  6. Finite Element Method using Pro/Engineer and ANSYS
  7. Pro/Engineer TopTen
  8. Caddigest Pro/Engineer
  9. ProEngineer Tutorials useful links
  10. Pro Engineer Wildfire Tips

  1. Pro/ENGINEER Tutorial, Release 2000 i2, Roger Toogood, Schroff Development Corporation.