Project Description Bezier Curve

Demo shown : Virag
Presenter       : Hari

The project is a simple application which can render a bezier curve with 4 control points. These points can be dragged and modified continously at runtime. This allows one to play with the control points and distort the curve as one likes. The application was coded in java and various features lkike turning off the control points are also provided. The scope of the application is limited, but can be extended in future.

Instructions on the application

Just click four times anywhere on the screen, these are the control points.
A bezier curve will be drawn for you. Now you can click on any of the four points
that you have already created and drag it around. Notice how the Bezier curve is
redrawn according to the new control points. Toggle the "Polygon" button in
order to draw the curve with or without its control polygon and points.

Bezier curves are created by taking a time-varying linear combination of the
control points. The Bernstein polynomials are used to calculate this linear
combination given by the following equation where Pi is the ith control point:

P(t) = (1-t)^3P0 + 3(1-t)^2tP1 + 3(1-t)t^2P2 + t^3P3 with t running from 0 to 1.

Parametric Equation Viewer

Team Members : Sachin and Suddha
Demo Shown    : Sir

Good interface. No documentation. The curve can be specified in terms of parameters in x,y and z co-ordinates. Also the u and v ranges can be specified. However, the current version of the project do not allow user-specified input. Also the effect of  changing the u,v range is not visible or maybe there is no proper help for specifying the current input to the application.