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Documentation for JModeler

Author (chronologically): (biswarup, chiragp, devesh, dharm, vikasj)

Creating a Curve/Surface

In this document, the term object refers to a curve or a surface. In order to create an object, click on the File Menu, and select an appropriate option. A dialogue box would open up, through which you can choose name and color for the object. Also, you will have to input a file consisting of control points for the object being created. Format of these files is described in the following subsection. Lastly, you would have to choose the segment length(s) for the object being created.

Format of the control points files

For a curve
x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2 ... xn yn zn , where xi is the x co-ordinate of the ith control point.
For a surface
x[0][0] y[0][0] z[0][0] ... x[0][m] y[0][m] z[0][m]
x[n][0] y[n][0] z[n][0] ... x[n][m] y[n][m] z[n][m]
where m is degree of the surface in parameter u and n is the degree in parameter v.

Options associated with an object

There are two panels shown in the jModeler window. The left pannel (L), lists all the object names, while the right one (R) displays/hides the objects. In the left pannel, selecting a object with left-mouse-click and then right-clicking on it, displays the following options :


Zoom :

Buttons for Zoom in and Zoom out, let you zoom in/out with the zoom settings as specified by Settings button. Settings for maximum/minimum zoom range and zoom-step can be specified with the help of this button.

Rotate :

It is possilbe to rotate the displayed objects, by pressing the left-mouse button and dragging it on R . To understand how actually this rotation works,one could check how the co-ordinate axes move with a rotation. For this, the button Show/Hide Axis can be used, which toggles the display of co-ordinate axis.

Mouse Sensitivity :

In the Settings button, an option for the navigation speed is specified with the Mouse Sensitivity parameter. Increasing the value of that variable will increase the speed with which the object rotates/translates on mouse movements.