Workshops/Reports/presentations in Water Sector

  • Workshop with Maharashtra Engineering Colleges on drinking water research (September 12, 2014). link
  • CTARA launches TDSC, a development solutions cell (supported by the batch of 1987), link. Its governing note: pdf.
  • A compendium note on recent research by CTARA in drinking water. pdf
  • A presentation made to arghyam foundation (2012) on the data used by CTARA in drinking water. pdf

    Village level study and designs

  • (Ongoing/proposed) Preparing tanker schedules for Sangli district drought-affcted talukas. jpg
  • The North Karjat Feasibility Study (2010). This study analyses the possibility of a multi-village scheme for north Karjat taluka, a tribal region which faces repeated drinking water stress. The study arrives at a design of a 6MLD MVS with about 60,000 beneficiaries with source as the Pes river. The per-capita investment is with the givernment norms of Rs. 2300. short version (pdf)
  • The Anjap-Sugave Multi-village scheme Failure Analysis (2011). This study analyses a poor performing MVS in the north Karjat area. The study engages in design verificiation, stake-holder survey, simulation of schedules, and other tools. It concludes that there are a few major technical issues-(i) poor design for tail-end habitations, ownership issues, and a possible implementation problem with Borivali ESR. (pdf)
  • The Tadwadi-Morewadi Single-Village scheme failure analysis. This study analyses a single village scheme failure. After going through the documentation at the MI office and through several field visits, the conclusions are (i) elevation of GSR is too low to serve both habitations, (ii) inordinate delays and poor handover protocol, and (iii) compromised source. (pdf)
  • Analysis of Tanker-fed villages in Thane for Multi-village schemes (draft). This is an ongoing study for a multi-village scheme for north Mokhada taluka, a highly stressed region. (pdf)
  • A presentation on the data used by us in drinking water research. This covers groundwater, census, simulation, regional and GO level, DDWS and so on. pdf
  • The Mograj GP case-study (in progress). This studies Mograj GP and all its habitations for their water solutions. We see that there is a disparity between DDWS data and the situation on the ground. We exploare the causes for the same. The Dhamni report, Jambhulwadi report and the Mograj report and the KMZ file
  • Also, the proposed GP reporting format: .xlsx
  • The Mokhada tanker-fed and Karegaon amalgamated MVS feasibility study (2013, Nikhil Hooda). report

    Regional and Policy Studies

  • Policy analysis of NRDWP and DW outcomes. (2013, Pooja Prasad, Vishal Mishra, Milind Sohoni), to appear in EPW. report
  • Review of the July 2012 WB Urban Water Report. This is a policy study of a World Bank report on urban water systems. EPW December 2012. (pdf)
  • Vishal Mishra: Regional Drinking Water Security-M.Tech. Project (2014) report presentation
  • Pankhuri Agrawal: Regional Drinking Water Planning-M.Tech. Project (2014) report presentation
  • Bharat Lele, Nikesh Ingle, Field Stay Report, Palsunde, Mokhada (2014) report

    Groundwater and Watersheds

  • Temporary Home for Thane Drinking Water project. This looks at a GIS planning tool for district administrations. It also displays our analysis of the groundwater data for Maharashtra spanning over 3000 observation wells. link . Also see M.Tech thesis report of Lalit and Ravi. link link
  • A review of the GW trend assessment protocols of GoI and GoM and possible changes, by Rahul Gokhale (appeared in Current Science). link
  • Analysis of variance in legacy GW data of GoM, by Rahul Gokhale, appeared in Journal of Earth and System Sciences. link
  • Ikharicha Pada village report and summer research (Hemant Belsare and Vishal Mishra) report
  • Ikharicha Pada GW simulation. This is a presentation on an ongoing work on MODFLOW/GMS based simulation of a watershed intervention in a habitation in Mokhada. link report link
  • Restructuring Watershed Programs from the Water Security Perspective, M.Tech. Project by Hemant Belsare, 2013. report (6M, pdf)
  • A Research Proposal on the use of "thumbnail" GW models. Hemant Belsare, 2014. pdf
  • Groundwater Model for a Watershed in Mokhada taluka, Palghar district, M.Tech. thesis, Parth Gupta, 2016. pdf
  • Understanding Groundwater Flows in Hilly Watershed of Mokhada and Jawhar (Palghar dist.), M. Tech. thesis, Lakshmikantha N. R., 2017. Report Presentation.
  • Modelling and Water Balance for a Highly Irrigated Region (Sinnar tal., Nasik dist.), M. Tech. thesis, Anish Holla, 2017. Report Presentation.


  • Jalswarajya Questionaire and data Questionaire Data
  • GSDA district GW assessment formats pdf