Holy Indignation about Hate Crime in Australia

Make a list of the grandmasters of colonial empires: Spain, Portugal, England, and the "also ran" losers France and Belgium. Ever since Vasco da Gama and Colombus, up through chronicled accounts of the English in India, the foot soldiers of all colonial powers were characterized by one single unifying characteristic: They all believed, with a striking childlike innocence, that the colonies were theirs to occupy, enjoy and exploit, that the forests, minerals, corn fields, and even human labor were already ordained as their property. They were merely acquiring what was already rightfully theirs, and the "natives" or aborigines were so much pestilence blocking their rightful access.

A few hundred years later, the tables have turned, and how! Emigration is now a standard narrative for middle-class Indians. The Right to Emigrate is granted to us via divine fiat, with pesky visa officers and xenophobic rednecks that must be trampled over in our Holy March spanning Anchorage to Auckland. The fruits of their social organization, civic discipline, superior infrastructure, are already ours for the taking. Who are they to decide that they need only a few computer programmers and not a few thousand cab drivers? After all, their average age is 45+, ours is 20--25; the needs of the many young must trump the wants of the wizened few. Just like the Caucasians that taught us Colonization and Empire, our childlike innocence never fails to amaze.

There are several ways to interpret and rationalize the Indian indignation going around Australia and the world: