Your webpage is the most depressing one ever !!!

Nice demo here of why India's future is nonexistent: The writer is as illiterate as his spamming brethren, has a major righteous indignation syndrome to match, and makes the following assumptions, among others, without any basis:

I agree with one item in this email: I most certainly am a loser, given I share not only a planet and species but even citizenship with such people. Those the gods would destroy, they first make stupid. Enjoy the mail...

Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2008 10:30:17 +0530
From: Supreet Reddy

Hello Soumen,

I write this with deep respect for your accomplishments and also with utter disrespect and sorry for your lack of understanding of the state of your own country and your fellow citizens.

I felt really depressed to read your website and your comments on the student mails you received.

It was really shocking to see that a learned("Literate") person as you are, have resorted to blaming people and the system around you rather than understanding the reasons behind.

You clearly know the poor state of the faculty and facilities at the various colleges of india. Being an IITian myself, i can say that IIT`s also are no way great compared to the US universities here. But still, the students never stopped dreaming about making big on the world platform. Their intentions to learn more and accomplish something , is very laudable inspite of the dire conditions they are coming from. Being a learned person, you should be able to help these people as much as you can instead of shunning down their dreams , deleting the mails and mocking them by putting it on your website. Instead of that, why dont you give them a research problem , and guide them with some open-source resources, and ask them to figure out the problem from their college itself. Iam sure the students would love that proposal. All that they need is sheer guidance, support and motivation rather than your mockery.

Whenever i hear to any indian professor in US, mocking at the indian political and educational system, i feel sorry for their stupidity and lack of commonsense. I feel sorry for our country to have spent so much tax-payers money on them, and get back in return mockery and disrespect. But when i learnt about yourself, Prof.Sudarshan and Prof.Sarawagi of your own group, i felt happy that atleast some people are repaying back to the country in a respectable manner. But when i went through your webpage, i found that you are no way the mahatma i thought. Instead you people are mocking at our country on its face by being in its own land. Just imagine Manmohan singh mocking at indians and the system !!!!

No wonder the indian politicians have a complete lack of understanding about the state of educational system. They are demeaning even the IIT`s by the reservation system. But atleast, the professors at IIT`s are not expected to behave so "Illiterate". You say that indians are illiterate, but i say YOU are more illiterate compared to them. Infact you professors are responsible for their ILLITERACY !!!

Now if you have the guts and enough logic in your mind, try to put this mail on your website. Atleast once , try to show that impartiality and logic follows all your literacy.

Iam sure you would not even care to do this, but anyways my purpose was to just vent out my anger and feel happy that i was able bravely say that YOU ARE STUPID AND A LOSER !!!

I pray to god that , instead of literacy ,knowledge, and degrees, people in india be bestowed with understanding of the reason behind the flaws in the system and be able to sort out a solution for it.

Try to delete that webpage, if any small amount of patriotism is still left in you.

Thanks for reading this mail,
An Indian.